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Ambassadors Theatre

Ambassadors Theatre

Ambassadors Theatre

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Jegyek erre: Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

13566 Ft

Prepare yourself for a horror play at London's West End: Ghost Stories. If you think a play can't scare you, then you need to think again! Ghost Stories is frightening, intense and so wildly popular that is has been made into a movie! It twists everything: Your thoughts, your senses and what you think is actually going on up on the stage!

Kiemelt ajánlatok

- See a scary play by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman
- Get caught up in the intense story
- Try not to jump in your seat

Mire számíthatok?

Ghost Stories revolve around Dr. Goodman, a professor of Parapsychology, who is delivering a lecture on ghost stories. In the lecture he discusses a website featuring ghostly pictures as well as three interviews he has recorded with three different people.

The stories are told by a night watchman, a teen driver and a businessman awaiting his first child. They all claim to have had a supernatural experience, but Dr. Goodman is a sceptic and believe, that there must be a reasonable explanation. He notices that each one of them seem to hold on to a feeling of guilt. As each interview is played the story is re-enacted on the stage. 

Ghost Stories premiered in 2010 and because of its popularity it has since then re-opened several times. So prepare yourself for a night of thrills, excitement and a feeling of being scared, when you go home from the theatre!

Hogyan működik?

Shortly after your booking is complete your e-ticket will be sent directly to your email, just print it out and bring it with you to the theater - or show the ticket on your phone.

Fontos információk

- Note that Ghost Stories contains moments of extreme shock and tension. The show is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 15. We also strongly advise those of a nervous disposition to think it through before attending.

Megfelelő ez számomra?

If you like horror stories and thrills - this is just the play for you! 


Monday-Thursday and Saturday: 7:30 P.M.
Thursday: 10 P.M.
Friday: 7 P.M. and 9.30 P.M.
Saturday: 2:30.

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Ambassadors Theatre

West Street London WC2H 9ND


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